Adolescent Counseling Tualatin

Have you noticed your teen is struggling? Perhaps they are arguing with you about every little thing. Conversely, maybe they have become withdrawn and seem to never leave their room. The truth is, the teenage years carry with them a plethora of circumstances that can lead to lifelong problems when not dealt with. Here at Tualatin Hills Counseling, we employ evidence-based modalities rooted in trauma-informed practices. Through a strengths-based world view, we can help your teen and the entire family work through deep-rooted issues through strategic adolescent counseling. 

Is Adolescent Counseling Tualatin Right for Your Teen?

Just as there’s no shame in going to the dentist or seeing your physician for a physical exam, counseling provides the mental calibration we all need at times to ensure we’re on the right track.. If you’re hesitant to schedule adolescent counseling for your teen, there are a few telltale signs that making the call is a good idea. Is your teen:

  • Having trouble fitting in or getting along with his or her peer group?
  • Experiencing an unusual change in temperament?
  • Harming self and/or others?
  • Showing signs of drug and/or alcohol use?
  • Running away, bursting out in anger, or even getting into trouble with the law?

While it’s hard to see hope in the midst of a storm, we’re here to help you get through to the other side. Our team of compassionate practitioners is here to provide targeted counseling and psychotherapy that takes your teen’s unique needs, circumstances, and concerns into consideration. Each teen we work with is different, and we don’t try to apply a one-size-fits-all adolescent counseling Tualatin approach. When you work with us, you unlock an invaluable resource to restore your family and ensure the best possible future for your troubled teen. Call today to book your initial consultation.

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