Lynne Nanson

I will act as an empathic and nurturing guide walking you through the counseling process at an individualized pace that is comfortable and healing. I believe developing a strong therapeutic relationship is the key component when guiding individuals through this counseling journey. I will hold that safe space for you.

The approaches which best encompasses the aspects of my philosophy are the cognitive behavioral approach and systems approach. I believe these are effective approaches for working with an individual in the process of problem-solving and developing coping skills. I believe these approaches are useful for a variety of different issues because they are problem focused, action oriented, and may bring to light discrepancies in perceptions and look at the bigger picture of how an individual is influenced and influences different systems.

Each person’s experience is unique to that individual. It is my job as a therapist, to provide compassionate listening, unbiased understanding, and perspective of the impact these unique experiences have had on the individual. I believe collective life experiences influence and shape an individual’s perception and worldview. Trauma affects our perception of ourselves, our ability to process, and our ability to develop healthy coping skills. It is my role to provide a safe space for the healing process. It is my belief that individuals need to focus on what resolution means to them and determine what role he/she/them plays in reaching resolution. I believe it is important to explore all the individual’s different roles and relationships in different aspects of his/her/their life to establish healthy patterns of behavior throughout each system.

I have had my master’s degree in Community Counseling since 2002 and have worked in the Social Service field for over 25 years in the capacity of Head Start Director, Parenting Program Director and Behavioral Health Coordinator. I am currently a registered Professional Counselor Associate for the State of Oregon. I am supervised by Dr. Vaneica Kraus. I have lived in OR for over 12 years and love spending time outdoors in this beautiful state with my husband and three children.