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The teenage years come with unique challenges, and it’s largely up to parents to ensure this passage into adulthood is a successful one. Here at Tualatin Hills Counseling, our teen counseling staff knows the signs, and we’re equipped with knowledge in mental health counseling and psychotherapy to steadily improve your teen’s perceptions. 

Evidence-Based Modalities Yield Positive Results

The proof is in the pudding as the old adage goes, and our application of evidence-based modalities is backed by research and real client experience. Your teen likely isn’t reaching out for help, and we understand how to meet them where they are and help them open up. When you count on our skilled staff, just a few of the benefits we bring to the table include:

  • We stick with a style that’s not judgmental or pushy to make sure your teen sees us as a trusted source they can open up to, not an authority figure whose ultimate goal is to punish. 
  • Our team can determine if the scope of the problem can be remedied with targeted family support or if more serious issues like anxiety or depression are present. 
  • We’re here to serve as a resource throughout adolescence and beyond. Just as you value your family doctor or dentist, establishing a history with a counselor creates a familiar atmosphere that improves the effectiveness of each session. 

When you work with the caring team at Tualatin Hills, you’ll find we provide so much more than teen counseling Tualatin. We care about our clients, and it’s our ultimate goal to help you meet yours. Whether you are experiencing typical teenage issues or are struggling with more serious problems that are sending your family life out of control, we’re always ready to help you start taking steps in the right direction, so call today.

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