Family Therapy Tualatin

It can be easy to present a seemingly perfect exterior for the world to see when it comes to your family dynamics. However, the fact remains around half of marriages end in divorce, and over seven percent of kids have a diagnosed behavioral issue. Masking family problems contributes to these statistics. Whether you’re experiencing a communication breakdown with your significant other, struggling with parenting a teenager, or just feel your family needs some fine-tuning, there’s no shame seeking professional Tualatin, Oregon family therapy

Unbiased Guidance for Solutions that Stick

Let’s face it. Although friends and family can be a great source of moral support, they often tend to listen to one side of the story, and this doesn’t allow for resolution. When you invest in family therapy sessions, you’ll get long-term solutions that’ll stick. Just some of the insights you’ll gain by working with the independent practitioners here at Tualatin Hills Counseling include:

  • Alternative perspectives for a big-picture view of a close-up situation
  • New coping strategies for current and future problems
  • Mental, physical, and emotional self-care techniques

There’s no such thing as a perfect family, and putting a bandaid on serious relational issues will never solve deep, foundational causes. Our skilled team gets to the root of the problem through a strengths-based lens using evidence-based modality rooted in trauma-informed practices. In layman’s terms, we help you explore proven methods that foster resilience and resourcefulness in the face of any type of adversity. Family therapy Tualatin is just a click or phone call away, so schedule your first session today!

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Family Therapy Tualatin Oregon